Fourth Ray Beauty.

I have acne like I am 15 . Everyone knows this because I talk about it like it is my child. I have changed my skincare routine about 259 times within this last year. I had added in oils, taken away wipes, added in serums, etc. So you can see I am completely over this, until I had found my match. Fourth Ray Beauty. I was reading this article online about ColourPop coming out with a sister company for skincare, Fourth Ray Beauty. The article was talking about how the skincare is vegan, cruelty-free, and mineral infused. HELLO what is there not to love all about that. The day it was launched I had to order the full collection $54.00 (value $60.00) So I did.


Fourth Ray Beauty a brand born from the belief that your skincare should be more than a concoction of potentially harmful and harsh chemicals, more than “magic in a bottle” and free from overpriced, empty promises. They represents freedom and flexibility, never bound by the constraints of traditional brands. We embrace the flexibility our skin needs to help it achieve balance and harmony as we move through life. And because we can all use a little extra juju in our lives, each product contains a custom crystal blend designed to help balance your energy while perfecting your skin.

This is what I got…


CLEANSING OIL- Instantly lifts and removes traces of makeup, dirt and pollution revealing healthy, clean skin aka a oil based makeup remover.  Formulated with Camellia, Juniper Berry, and Meadowfoam Seed oil providing skin antioxidants. You can use this at night and it helps cleansing face. $14.00



GEL CLEANSER- This you can is morning and night. This is also an additional cleanser. Some of the amazing ingredients in this product are Lychee, Lotus, and Jojoba. A complex of natural botanicals leave the skin clean, comfortable, and fresh. $12.00



Fourth Ray Keep Clear Clarifying Tonic with unit carton

CLARIFYING TONIC- This is a non-drying toner that clarifies and balances the skin. You can use this in the AM and PM. This has gingeng, papaya emzymes, and witch hazel. Witch hazel is great for anyone with acne. $10.00


The Lightweight

HYDRATOR- Provides oil-free, refreshing hydration for healthy, balanced skin. It absorbs quickly without the greasy residue, leaving skin soft, smooth, and makeup ready. $12.00


Fourth Ray Later Hater Spot Treatment bottle with unit carton

SPOT TREATMENT- An overnight spot treatment formulated with soothing ingredients to help reduce breakouts. This blend of Salicylic Acid, Sulfur, and Calamine to dry out any pimples. Apply directly onto spots before bedtime to help dry up impurities while you sleep. $12.00

I have being using these product for over a week now, and I dont have any pimples anywhere. My face feels amazing and looked great. I am pretty happy with my skin and skincare. 10/10 for me. Here are some before and after of my face.


Something I wanted to to add is, I loved they have symbols on each bottle to show what they are.



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