It’s Personal

Gold all in my chain, gold all in my ring
Gold all in my watch
Don’t believe me, just watch

Youll want to jump on this gold layer train. All spring long you probably have seen me lay my necklaces like crazy. In every photo I probably wore 2-3 gold necklaces.  I normally wear a cross, my name, and a rose. Not for any reason just because I thought it was cool.
  Well guess what bitches, ITS A TREND NOW. Before I show you a few sites to order your name necklace. First, let me introduce you to this trickle up effect. Trickled up? yup, this has been brought to you by, the black community.  Black people have been wearing name necklace since forever. I remember in middle school my best friend, Yani had one. Man, I wanted one. I thought it was the dopest thing because it had her name on it.  It was hers.
With this trend you can personalize your neck the way you want. I like to wear a few. I have made a list of my personalize necklaces I like to pick from.
  • Name Necklace
  • Rose (Flower)
  • Cross (Religion)
  • Symbols (Cannabis Leaf, plz)
  • Numbers (your lucky number or bball number)
  • A letter (I like to use ‘L’ since it is the first letter of my last name)
  • State

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