GOT2b Products

I have always been on the wild child side. Today, I wanted to share my crazy style with you all.  My inspiration for this look was SZA. She is a hair queen in my eyes. She express herself with her hair, so do I.


I had never in my life tried #dryshampoo because I didn’t think curly hair girls could use it. For what? My hair is already dry. Why in the world would I want to put something in my hair that is dry. BUUUTT we can, to fluff up our curl with Volume! Something I did not know is, some people are actually use dry shampoo to add volume to their hair. Fun fact I did not know. So I put @got2busa#freshitupdryshampoo all over my hair for a boost of volume.

Then, I sectioned my hair into two parts. Party in front and business in the back. In the front, I parted three little selections to do Bantu knots. Each part I added a little bit of #got2beglued to lay down my edges and to keep my Bantu knots tight. This is the same glue people use to make sure their wig is safe and secure. Trust me, nothing is going anywhere when you add that glue to your hair.

After all that goodies, I added some h2o to the back and layed it with #got2bkinkier to give my curls definition. It didnt really make my curls pop, but it did its job.

And this is my #mebyme with @got2busa


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